The Highly Sensitive Personality (HSP)

Immanence Therapy supports the Highly Sensitive Personality (HSP)

Do you tend to have low energy or feel easily drained, needing lots of time to recharge?
Are you looking to get your life energy back, but you don’t know how?

Do you often stress or worry about how others perceive you and whether they might judge you as “weird”? Perhaps you even find it hard to sleep at night at times, and instead lie awake worrying about what others might expect of you and whether or not you will be able to fulfill it.

Does it happen to you that the outside world overwhelms you with all of its noise and demands? Do you then retreat to a quiet place or avoid looking at your phone until you are able to calm down?

Is it hard for you to be in relationship – romantic, but also at work, and in your family – without losing yourself in it? Do you have difficulty setting boundaries? Do you tend to take on other people’s struggles as if they were your own?

Do you also have a vivid internal life, with a strong intuition and dreams that can guide you in your waking life? Do you sense the interconnectedness of everything around you, and feel that you are a part of it? Do you still often feel unseen or misunderstood by others, like you have all these gifts, but no way to express it and share with the world?

You might be highly sensitive (HSP).

I support sensitive, empathic, intuitive clients on their journey to get their life energy back, who are ready to have relationships that actually enrich their lives, and who want to find their way of living authentically and showing up as their full-spectrum self.

I have worked specifically with this population since 2014 and utilize a unique blend of approaches geared towards supporting sensitive clients towards greater self-understanding, healthier relationships, more fulfilling work, and spiritual development.

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