Highly Attuned


Highly Attuned: A Guided Process and Support Group, offered by Immanence Therapy


  • A virtual group meeting every two weeks
  • For highly sensitive people (HSPs), empaths, and intuitives
  • Supporting self-growth, intuitive development and spiritual integration
  • Begins Late Summer / Fall 2024
  • Facilitated by Vesna Lubina Westbrook, Licensed Psychotherapist + Certified Philosophical Counselor

This group offers guided process, support, and community for highly sensitive people (HSPs), empaths, and intuitives.

Topics covered

  • Boundary setting and communication
  • Increasing energy and preventing exhaustion
  • Relationship dynamics
  • Working with your intuition
  • Infusing life with a greater sense of purpose
  • As well as topics you bring in and what emerges within the group

If you would like to understand yourself better, make sense of spiritual experiences, and develop your gifts, this may be your group.

We meet every two weeks over Zoom.

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