I view psychotherapy as a form of energy work. To facilitate the shift needed for therapeutic success, I find an integrative or holistic approach most useful in addressing the whole person and their unique history and background. I work in a culturally affirmative way.

My orientation can be described as depth-focused, systems-oriented, and transpersonal. The work of therapy is navigated not only through words, but also through imagery in symbols and in dreams, and the felt sense of experience. I find my theoretical inspiration in the psychodynamic works of Jung, Bion, and Ogden.

As a certified philosophical counselor, I believe that many questions clients carry have an existential dimension to them that wants to be explored. Issues stemming from trauma often reverberate with questions of identity, of belonging, of meaning and purpose. I am interested in the beliefs we harbor about ourselves, about others, and the world, and the ways in which we can work with and ultimately shift these beliefs if we find that they no longer resonate.


Vesna Lubina Westbrook, MA, AMFT #118413
Supervised by Spencer Campbell, LMFT #45585